This is my favorite dog pic. The big brown dog is Maggie. The little brown and white dog in the lower left is Beau and the other little brown and white dog is Belle. They are all mutts. Maggie is a bit Dachshund, a bit Chihuahua and something else. The other dogs are sibs, and probably a bit Jack Russell terrier a bit Chihuahua and maybe something else.

We lost Beau to cancer on Friday, December 13, 2017. He had a large tumor on his spleen removed in the summer of 2016 and he recovered pretty good for about a year, but began to fade again in the fall of 2017. He was a real sweetheart and we miss him badly. Maggie, who never got along well with him does not like to go for walks in Richmond without Beau, so she does not go for walks any more in Richmond.

In this photo, Beau and Belle have just played a practical joke on Maggie.

Maggie when she was just a pup.

Anybody see my red pen?

3AM the second day we had Maggie. When we first got Maggie, she had to have direct body contact with someone 24/7 or she would howl like a banshee.

Dogs generally don't seem to like Parkas. They can be OK with other bits of dog clothes, but from what I have seen, they hate parkas. We got a parka for Beau, and he hates it!

Beau, Belle and I doing what we do best! Notice how 35lbs of dogs (soaking wet) take up 4/5 of a queen sized bed!

One of the great things about Beau is that he is interested in anything you do. He watches me paint the walls, work on guitars or golf clubs, do the he is watching me play the guitar.

Maggie when she wasn't so big. Here she was just getting too big to crawl under the coffee table, which was a traumatic event for her!

Some people put the dogs in the bathroom when they go out. Make sure you remove the toilet paper first if you do this!

Dog wrestling entertainment! They were happy when the fence company finally got the fence up!

Hey Beau, you seen that skein of blue wool?

When we first brought Maggie to Clinton, and someone came to the door, we couldn't find Maggie. We looked everywhere, and found her under the couch.

Maggie on the steps to the deck at my sister's cottage.

Dog therapy.

Someone got a treat. Someone didn't!


Beau watching me assemble some do it yourself furniture and put in a new TV. I use the Episcopal method of asssembling furniture and installing electronics---you must be humble---the prideful pay a terrible price!

Beau looking cute (begging!)

Beau and Belle have started to smoke cigars...IN BED!!!